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Settings File in title

Desktop Settings Desktop Settings (TDesktopSettings component) allows you to change any color of the Windows user interface
Size: 0.61 MB
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color settings change interface color component  
Operator settings Operator settings v1.1 is a program for WM5, WM6 smartphones or PDAs. It automatically activates the previously prepared GPRS, WAP settings in your device when you change SIM card or switch multi-SIM.
Size: 4.33 KB
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WM5 WM6 Settings change system settings InlineSite Settings  
Settings Lock Password protect Windows settings and functions, like add/remove programs
Size: 513 KB
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password restrict restriction Lock system password  
Jabber Settings A Jabber settings plugin for Pidgin
Size: 105 KB
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block blocker notification  
Seznam Settings Seznam Settings a simple Firefoz add-on
Size: 6 KB
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extension Add-in add-on Firefox extension firefox add-on  
DoD Settings DoD Settings helps developers to manage easily their application options. First you create your own typed parameters then...
Size: Evaluation
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Create Settings DoD DOD-5220.22M DOD 5220.22-M  

Settings File in tags

DHSwap A small console tool which takes a Settings.cfg and swaps between using yards and meters for units
Size: 1 KB
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swap edit cfg cfg swapper Settings File Swapper  
NanoFlash To convert your video files to flash, you just need three steps: load video file, customize audio settings and then publish. Settings for each step are arranged to a numbered tab of property sheet for
Size: 1.07 MB
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Settings customize video publish file Settings File Manager  
WMkits Utilities For Windows Mobile WMkits Utilities for Windows Mobile makes it easier than ever to customize and use Windows Mobile phones. Powerful functions inlcude: Softkey Setttings, File Association Settings, Start Menu Settings,
Size: 666 KB
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File Association modify Windows settings  
Internet Explorer Settings Swapper Tired of having to fiddle about with your Internet Explorer settings every time you want to change your proxy settings, wallet, security, homepage, connection settings, modem, ISP - InterSwap works ha
Size: 500K
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change homepage Settings change system settings  
1 abc net File Configurator File Configurator 1.01 Modify file settings like hidden , read only or archive in batch mode.
Size: 365 KB
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pc configurator file archive archive file Hidden File  
Data Exchange Extension for Network File Monitor Data Exchange Extension for Network File Monitor - provides an ability to save task settings into plain text or XML file
Size: 243 KB
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data exchange network monitor network Network File Locator  

Settings File in description

Scription Manage files, printshares, registry Settings, software installations, security settings, policies, mail profiles, Internet settings, printer settings, sap r/3 client settings, citrix auto created prin...
Size: 11.01MB
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navigation menu multiple environments build environments  
ModelMaker Tools Settings transfer utility ModelMaker Tools Settings transfer utility is a handy tool designed to help you use the ModelMaker applications on more than one computer with the same settings. When exporting the settings file the p...
Size: 517 KB
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transfer sync Move transfer settings  
RegKey Backup Once a backup has been made simply clicking that backup File will restore your settings. Additionally you can use the backup file to transfer your settings to another Computer such as Outlook Express ...
Size: 1.65MB
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Keys extract keys delete registry keys keys forgotten  
Environment Settings Manager - It is common to store configuration settings in XML, whether they exist as an XML File in the file system or as XML stored in a database column. - Configuration settings must be synchronized with ev...
Size: 317 KB
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manage manager Exporter favourite exporter Mockup exporter  
CT RegKey Backup Once a backup has been made simply clicking that backup File will restore your settings. Additionally you can use the backup file to transfer your settings to another Computer such as Outlook Express ...
Size: 1.6 MB
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backup registry backup registry prepare CT-3 CT-3 manager  
Export Settings Export Settings is a handy program that allows you to create a backup of the settings of any FNProgramvare application. You can use it to export the settings to a registry file that can be restore the...
Size: 789 KB
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export backup preference